The Word


Thought it was about time I refreshed my blog just on the off chance that anyone wanted to find out more about my depressing cynicism. Friday I slumped into a foul mood on the basis of The Word Magazine folding, partly induced by my feelings that I was somehow responsible for giving it the kiss of death by finally getting round to subscribing to it last Christmas, but mostly because like a funny relative or good friend I just expected it to continue forever, I never seriously gave it a second thought. Sure I use to raise an eyebrow to there being absolutely no visible signs of major branding within it, but rather like Private Eye I just assumed it was being bank rolled by some rich benefactor. It would seem I’m absolutely not alone in presuming that it was written exclusively for the benfit of me which is a unique trick to pull off monthly for over 25000 people. The writing was of an exceptional standard and along with possibly the best podcast out there, I got inspired to investigate so much more music, films and books that I normally would not have had time to get to discover in any other format. The magazine use to kick around in my bedroom for a couple of weeks, delved in and out of, then transported to the library in the toilet, from their little journeys of interest were made into a bands like The Silver Seas, Phantom Limb, Jackie Leven to name a very few and reappraisals of forgotten albums in my collection got added to my IPod for amazing enjoyment. It’s not that I need to be told what’s cool, but it’s more like trusting your older brother to point stuff out that was up my street, I likened it to a trip to a second hand record shop I use to make with my best friend in my early 20’s, standing about listening to the local residents tell me about bands I’ve never heard of but would like on the basis of my choices. The real sadness to its demise is the realisation that there is pretty much nothing to replace it or if there is it’s not all in one place and is going to take me ages to find. A couple of Sunday’s ago I listened to the Chas Hodges podcast coming back from yet another long journey and who’d have thought how entertaining a podcast could be and how much you could learn through enjoyment about someone you thought you already knew, just brilliant. I did discover a web site called fresh on the net with loads of new music you can listen to a rate out the back of Word grief tweets, so if you’re interested check that out, but I’m still sulking about the Word, it was the very best of what I liked and in a proper world it would be prescribed on the NHS and protected by a heritage society.

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