50 Grades of Numbskull

I’ve been trolling around a lot of bookshops lately, it is exactly this time of year that my brain snaps into life and wants to consume books. I’m a terrible chooser of books, I’d rather just be given something and either enjoy it or enjoy hating it. This is why I love reading the booker long list so much, I know there’s going to be a basic standard to the writing, but I don’t need to bother to endlessly walk around bookshops reading the back covers, just consume. What I have picked up on is the phenomena that is 50 Shades of Grey, Jesus Christ, in the same week my beloved Word Magazine closed citing a shift in publishing media these books must be breaking all records and then some for print, they’ve even started rationing the sequels in some of the bookshops I visited this week. I’m certainly not here to slag then off, I haven’t even read them, sure I had a quick one handed look at the first one when on holiday in Paris, but i found it pretty uninspiring personally. I brought them in April for my girlfriend to read after hearing about them from America on Juxtapost. I thought they would be up her street and knowing she loves a pulp trashy read and would find the subject appealing I’m certainly glad that I brought them for her. She really enjoyed them and indiscreetly this benefitted myself. Moving forward to this afternoon in the bookshop where a shell shocked assistant was simply pointing to an abandoned bookshelf when asked by a stream of shell suited Zumba beefy women about “dat book what is doing der rounds” . I was pondering what inspired these women to buy this book, there’s been virtually no media marketing of these novels it’s all been spread by word of mouth, however last week I had two emails from Ann Summers trying to “flog” me these books. The women in Waterstones today had obviously never been in that shop before, they had run out of tesco and W H Smith apparently and one of them was cackling that they wouldn’t get any house work done that afternoon after buying herself only the second book as there were no original first novels left. Everywhere I’ve been women are networking about this book, have you read it, you haven’t read it, it almost seems like there’s peer pressure to read it, what is it that is compelling scores of women to lose themselves into this fantasy. The 50 shades gang bandwagon rolls on, this is far bigger than the da Vinci code and will no doubt up again when the film comes out, but what does this mean for the rest of us? Just as with Harry potter, another series of books that passed me by, it’s success meant we will suddenly got deluged with hundreds of wizard stories and as rival publishing houses invest in this next rich seem, we now have months of copycat bondage books trying to tie into the Clit lit fad. If it encourages more women to be liberated rather than dominated then overall it’s a good thing, but personally I’d rather be inspired in the bedroom and the bookshop and exercise both my mind and my cock as best I can.

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