Socialist Apathy

The recent mooted idea of David Cameron abolishing housing benefits for people under 25 seems to be almost greeted by the nation young adults with complete acceptance. Is it because the majority of young people it effects are non university students or is there a more of a feeling of acceptance and lack of anything people can do about a problem. Like a lot of recent Tory policy I can’t imagine this even being accepted under Thatcher, the youth were organised, vocal, veracious and important in changing legislation. Then again this was a time when virtually every alternative comedian was having a pop at the conservative government rather than thinking up complicated tax arrangements to separate their own earnings from the general society as a whole. Sure Thatcher made it easy to polarised views, she stubbornly stuck to her guns over major issues like the miners’ strike that impacted into youth culture, this Tory lot seem to almost give up on minor policy after a bad afternoon on twitter, however my general feeling is we are all in much deeper shit over major policy than we ever were under Thatcher and nobody seems to care. The youth culture of today fed on a diet of reality TV nonsense and endless worlds created in video game universes seem more concerned with fleeting fame and online Kudos than having their civil liberties being eroded. It doesn’t help that the alternative in labour is Ed Miliband, a man in my opinion significantly at fault for the disruption of any meaningful New Labour impact under tony Blair by constantly undermining him when in power. Then again Michael Foot wasn’t much opposition to Thatcher but at least we had a go. This country is hostage to investment banking after years of neglecting manufacturing and now is reliant on the same unscrupulous selfish idiots that caused a collapse in the central banking system to get us out of an economic slump. We have front line cuts to policing services a week after a tax cut in petrol prices funded from an unnamed source led by a bunch of Toff’s from Eton. This would be rallied against by the Pistols, the clash, but no political comment exists in modern music with rap and grime only glorifying the get rich quick spit roast society message, we are doomed.

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