Question Time Calling

Mensch finally finding her true calling after trying everything else
Mensch fianlly finding her true calling

So I feel great anticipation for tonight’s BBC Question Time as being an ageing Rock Dinosaur myself one of my generations great Punk heroes John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten is to appear on the program with who I consider the very antisepsis of everything that is wrong with modern politics Louise Mensch. It’s not that I am expecting John to be the great orator, if we really wanted someone to speak with compassion and conviction then Joe Strummer should have been invited before his early death, a man of great social conscious, a brilliant mind and a true voice of the ethos of Punk. No all I’m expecting much and all I want John to do is to tell her to fucking well fuck off, I want him to tell them all to fuck off repeatedly. I want him to sneer it there faces and remind them that its the people of this country who decides who represents them and they are suppose to our servants. In fairness John has spoken out about the class system over the years, so as well as fucks off, I’m expecting a fair bit of that tonight. I really do think twitter has reinvigorated the Question Time and as my feed runs alongside the program it’s a great way to gauge the reaction of the people I follow and to also enter the debate in the studio myself. I did once appear in the audience at Question Time, the labour party sent me along to bolster support and sat me next to a homophobic you asked a question whether gays should be allowed in the army, I should have told him to fuck off. So if you follow me on twitter I will be swearing a lot whenever Louise Mensch speaks tonight. She is a politician and total sociopath, she has no desire to improve society she just wants promote herself her crappy books. This is someone who joined the Tory party at the age of 14 but in 1996 joined the labour party, why? Well the Tory’s lost power so she joined Labour, but realising her mistake she then went to work for her Mother the liberal democrat, then went back to the Tories who were then back in power and then got found out for taking lots of cocaine. She is probably qualified to look after the nation and take cocaine after being a part time poet working for MTV, EMI and then Sony in Music Marketing and then finally marrying the manager of Metallica after her first marriage failed. Her greatest political achievement seems to be writing a white paper that was described by 240 petitioning doctors as an embarrassment to democracy. So it’s the punk against the poet, cokehead, writer, liberal, socialist, Tory, close friend of Princess Badiya bint El Hassan of Jordan, Metallica Mangers wife MP for Corby Mensch.

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