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So 27 years ago today Live Aid was held. I clearly remember asking my sister if we should go, as we previously gone together to see Bowie in 1983 on the serious moonlight tour, I’m not forking out £25 and not knowing you I’m going to see she said and so legend was born. On the actual day I sat down in front telly with the full intention of watching the whole thing. My father enquired early on how long this shit was on for and upon finding out I intended to sit there, in fact I had a sleeping bag, so I fully intended to sleep there all day, he started complaining loudly. What a test of endurance it actually was, I remember them showing it again at some point when they brought it out on DVD and Christ a lot of it was crap. I would love to pretend to be really cool but actually I rather enjoyed Nik Kershaw and Howard Jones and thought U2 were totally shit. Queen of course blew everyone away, but only because they actually looked they had rehearsed the rest in comparison, looked like they had been dragged off the street and told to sing a hit. After Queen it was all rather downhill, The Who were awful , I thought Bowie was terrible, I couldn’t understand why he had a totally different backing band to the one I saw two years earlier. Then they rolled out the favourites that actually played this year for the queens Jubilee, Elton John and Paul McCartney, the latter virtually signing his entire song without the microphone turned on. It does make you wonder who will replace them in 27 years time, Gary Barlow, dear god what a thought. Then the American concert cracked on and I really wanted to see the power station as I loved Tony Thompson’s drums and Andy Taylor’s guitar. I think I just about managed it and crash out after a terrible set from Led Zeppelin. People I actually don’t remember seeing Run DMC, Kenny Loggins, Bryan Ferry or Ultravox. I guess it will be remembered the most for Queen inventing stadium rock after only about 20 minutes. For me I’ll remember waking up on the lounge floor with a stiff neck and seeing Tina turner and switching the telly off.

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