20 years on Kurt Cobain

20 years ago I was on the way to Henley for a fund raiser, I stopped at a pub in the rain and the news broke on the radio the Kurt Cobain had been shot. I was selfishly disappointed as I’d just forked out tickets to see him at Aston Villa in about 3 weeks time, something that would now not happen. It is difficult to imagine me being as effected by a rock star dying but it was at the time it was all the leader of our generation stuff is dead stuff. I remember buying the NME that week which featured a lovely picture of Kurt and I stuck it in a clip frame and put it on the wall. I sulked a fair bit. 20 years on Nevermind is still a great album, but really you couldn’t say his legacy is still burning in my heart. 20 years on Kurt really was it worth it? I think not, I would have been way cooler to stick around, I think you would have made music that would have created a greater legacy and I just feel sorry for all you missed out on.

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