Is the internet still wonderfully awesome


This weekend I or technically we as I speak for my band had a bit of a mini crisis. Sadly our lead guitarists mother passed away and we were booked to play a gig over the weekend. So Thursday lunchtime I received the news. We perform about 32 numbers and although I’m a proficient rhythm guitarist, something’s I find hard to sing and play all the numbers and other bits I haven’t learnt.

So the obvious thing would have been to cancel the gig. From receiving the bad news I sank in my chair a work, a familiar role for me, it’s usually only the crisis bits I get involved with.
20 minutes on I decided to panic and I went on gumtree. Now I’m not sure what I was looking for on Gumtree, guitar saviour available or need a rock miracle? But it’s been a good source for recruiting band members I think. I’m not sure how the financial module works on gumtree, I’m not sure is invest in it, but to be fair it’s a very good community based site, helping people connect.

I saw and advert for a guitarist I text him and too cut along story short he was amazing, he learnt all the songs and we actually performed two days laters and in fairness it was probably our best gig.

Now you could say the internet is amazing, how did we ever live without it, but I’m truth it isn’t. The amazing thing as always are people. Jon our deputy guitarist, he’s the amazing one, he gave up practically half of his Easter weekend not out of vanity or for money – there wasn’t any, out of empathy for someone who was losing their mother. He understood that being in a band and letting people down is hard, it’s a team game and Jon is an amazing team player. He also an amazing chap who teaches children with disabilities to to engage with music for a living and he’s a very well respected progressive rock guitarist who has played in many records.
Jon is amazing.
The internet is a great communication tool, that’s all it is though, people, the people that write wikis for free, who post recipes they like or share great ideas on Pinterest, to inspire, people are amazing, people should be celebrated more.
The internet can foster an artificial sense of community but in someways we are more isolated than ever, but if you believe in people and use it as simply a communicating device a wonderful rich context version of a letter and believe in people then it’s a wonderful thing.
I should know I fell in love with a girl on the internet and it change my life.

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